LOBA global headquarter located in Ditzingen, Germany

Who We Are

LOBA is a family-owned business since 1922 with the global headquarters located in Stuttgart, Germany. For 100 years, LOBA has continued to develop innovative products for the construction industry that are shared throughout the world. The North American headquarters is in Wadesboro, North Carolina. This allows LOBA to deliver quality products to the North American market with ease and convenience.

What We Do

LOBA focuses on the development and manufacturing of products for residential and commercial construction. The products are produced for both professional and non-professional use. The LOBA product line includes water-based finishing products, natural oils, stains, repair kits, sandpaper, maintenance cleaners and industrial coatings.

What is LOBA Home

LOBA Home is a sub-brand of LOBA GmbH and focuses on developing products for finishing, cleaning and maintaining indoor hard surface floor coveringsoutdoor wood and composite surfaces for the non-professional.

Our Industry Roles

LOBA and Wakol produce a variety of installation and repair products for various floor coverings. LOBA products include water-based finishing products, natural oils, stains, repair kits, and maintenance cleaners. Wakol products include: flooring adhesives, substrate leveling compounds, substrate patch compounds, substrate moisture control products, and sound dampening materials.

LOBA produces water-based industrial coatings for wood and cork floor surfaces. The LOBA industrial coatings are available in various color and aesthetic options.
Wakol produces a variety of specialty adhesives for the mattress and upholstery industry.
Wakol produces a variety of adhesives and sealing compounds for the metal packaging industry.